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Shireland Technology Primary – an innovative and inspiring place to work.

There are currently no vacancies.


We are a values-led, passionate team who believe in outstanding outcomes for all learners.

We have high expectations of our pupils and staff and are constantly striving to raise the bar. We are looking for staff who believe in developing the best learning experiences, the best curriculum, the best teaching and the best outcomes for children.

We expect all staff to inspire pupils, whilst providing them with the skills needed to be successful in an ever-changing world. They will motivate children to achieve beyond their expectations and engage them in high-quality educational opportunities.

We invest in people and want our staff to work well as a team, striving to achieve our purpose and enable them to become exceptional providers of the best technology-enabled education.

Everyone who works for us will be part of a shared vision; it is the collaborative effort of our school community that will achieve exceptional opportunities for everyone that walks through our doors.