Shireland Technology Primary wins FFT National Attendance Award for Autumn 2023

Shireland Technology Primary celebrates after being awarded the FFT National School Attendance Award for the autumn term 2023!

The award recognises outstanding commitment to pupil attendance and is presented to the top 10% and 25% of FFT schools nationally. This is based on attendance data which is collected daily from approximately 10,000 schools across the country using an attendance tracker, which helps to monitor and compare progress.

FFT Education congratulated the school on its achievement, expressing their admiration of the school’s efforts to improve and uphold pupil attendance.

Attending school regularly helps pupils to build and maintain lasting friendships, progress well with their learning, participate in a range of social activities within school and develop important life skills, increase their confidence and boost self-esteem.

Lady Kirsty Grundy, Principal at Shireland Technology Primary and Primary Director for Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust, expressed her delight at receiving the award: “This is a testament to the hard work of our pupils, parents and staff in ensuring that attendance remains a top priority, especially during these challenging times.

“It is a wonderful recognition of our efforts and commitment to support every child in achieving their best and creating a welcoming, inclusive environment that fosters good attendance.”

FFT has been providing education data to schools, trusts and local authorities for over 20 years with the goal of helping children to achieve their best through data literacy and tools to support pupil outcomes.