Families and carers

We are a part of the local community.

At Shireland Technology Primary we place a strong emphasis on both our school community and the wider locality. At all times we are outward facing, ensuring that communication between ourselves and families is of the utmost importance.

Our communicative tools are three-fold

Face to Face: Throughout the year, there will be two formal opportunities across the year to discuss your child’s progress as well as informal sessions such as Award Assemblies and Inspire Workshops.

Written Communication: Each term we send out a newsletter to families, highlighting all the fantastic successes that have gone on throughout the school. 


Online Communication: Our News and Events page will be updated with all of the exciting developments going on at our school as well as a regular Principal’s Blog.

There is also the Learning Gateway that families and pupils have access to, with each class having their own Class Site where teachers post news, dates and homework for their class.

Term dates

Shireland Technology Primary will adhere to the term dates as set out by Sandwell Council. Details of these, as well as additional training days, will be made available here once they have been published.

Parents Evening Booking 

Throughout the academic year, there will be opportunities for parents to meet with teachers to discuss pupils’ progress. Parents evenings have been done virtually this year (in light of the Covid19 pandemic, however we are hoping that by the next academic year (2021/2022) we will be able to switch back to face-to face appointments with teachers.

Family Forum 

In order to ensure that we are providing the very best for our families, we hold termly meetings to give parents and carers a chance to voice their opinions. These meetings, known as ‘Family Forums’, will allow for our families to discuss the strengths of our school, as well as areas for improvement. Forging strong relationships between our school and our families is vital to ensure continued developments of the school.  The minutes and outcomes of these meetings feed into our Standards and Performance Committee every term.