Our Curriculum

Our vibrant curriculum is designed to excite our pupils.

It has been carefully created so that pupils will want to dive in and explore our exciting cross-curricular themes.

Our values Excite, Explore, Excel drive our curriculum and the learning journey. This is why it is called E3L Excite, Explore, Excel Learning.

Our E3L curriculum provides a dynamic platform for our pupils to excel at Shireland Technology Primary and beyond. It is a great stepping stone for Secondary; especially at Shireland Collegiate Academy and its Literacy for Life Curriculum at Key Stage 3.


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Our curriculum is cross-curricular, with literacy at its heart, driven through inspiring themes and underpinned by the development of key skills across the foundation subjects (History, Geography, Art and Design, Design Technology and Science.) There is a focus on Science, ensuring children’s scientific knowledge and investigation skills are well developed and ready for Secondary School.  Our themes also encourage a love of the Arts and ensure we help children cultivate their own Cultural Capital for the world beyond school.

Maths has been allocated extra time across Key Stage 1 and 2 to ensure that our pupils are numerate and confident with key concepts. English is both taught discretely and interwoven through themes so that learners can confidently read and write and access all other aspects of the curriculum. This additional focus on both of these cores will give our learners an increased chance of achieving better levels of progress in statutory tests and be better ready for Secondary School and Key Stage 3.

Running alongside all of the curriculum is the use of technology which helps engage, enable, enhance and extend learning in ways that other schools do not emphasise.

We make learning relevant to the world our pupils are growing up in and aim to prepare them for whatever their future holds.


Inclusivity and diversity are very important to us at the Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust. In our pursuit to ensure we deliver an equitable and exemplary curriculum, we have texts readily available that excite, explore and ensure our learners have a greater understanding of the culturally rich world they are part of, from having protagonists from different ethnic backgrounds to stories that unmask historical episodes from ranging cultures and perspectives.
We aim to ensure that our learners develop a rich literary heritage which is all-embracing and continually evolving. In education’s truest form, we want our learners to see themselves in the stories and literature we share to empower and enable them to excel in all areas of the curriculum.

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