At Shireland Technology Primary we have developed a Friday afternoon Enrichment Programme designed to support our educational vision and build on the curriculum. Although we focus on key literacy, mathematical and scientific skills, we also want our pupils to celebrate the joy that a broad curriculum can bring. We want to ensure that all pupils leave with an appreciation of a range of music, art, sport and dance; by the time they leave the school, our children will have had the opportunity to try a variety of sports, visual media and creative activities.

Shireland Technology Primary will run a suite of enrichment activities on a Friday afternoon  to enable longer school days on Monday to Thursday.



Hippodrome Education Network (HEN)

We are proud to work in partnership with the prestigious theatre company, the Birmingham Hippodrome, and are part of the Hippodrome Education Network (HEN).

This enables our children to work with the very best dancers and drama specialists to widen experiences and cultivate skills and a love for the performing arts. They also get opportunities to be part of activities linked to current shows that are performed at the Hippodrome, either in school or at the theatre itself.