My Cultural Journey

‘Learning beyond the school gates’

At Shireland Technology Primary, we value the ‘whole child’ and supporting the personal development of all our pupils is a priority for us.  We recognise the importance of our pupils having wider experiences beyond the classroom to develop their character and cultural capital.  

We are therefore committed to offering a range of experiences that extend above and beyond the National Curriculum. We want our pupils to have enlightening experiences, which broaden their horizons and offer them the chance to try new things and learn new skills beyond the classroom. ​ Ultimately, we want our children to have a positive childhood and to understand the importance of seeing the world and experiencing wonder and curiosity.  

We also want all children to gain appreciation and joy from culturally significant works and actions. This could be anything that helps them to see the world differently, appreciate beauty and grow their knowledge. ​Just one example of this is through the E3L curriculum where we share key pieces of art, music, film and prose, which are considered culturally significant, demonstrating our commitment to growing our children’s cultural capital.​ 

In addition to the opportunities provided through our rich curriculum and the range of other enrichment activities offered to pupils, we know that broadening horizons must extend outside the school gates. ​ 

Working in partnership with families, we want to make sure that our children are offered a wide variety of activities to help them grow and flourish as young people.​ One way to do this is through our bespoke ‘My Cultural Journey’ for each phase of school.  

This is an exciting challenge that offers a booklet packed full of a range of suggestions for activities for children to enjoy and share with others. It aims to offer children and families new experiences and to open up new areas of interest for them. The activities included in ‘My Cultural Journey’ are all ideas that we feel will engage pupils and enrich their lives. 

In the booklet, there are 50 things for the pupils to do over a two-year period (either Years 1 and 2, Years 3 and 4 or Years 5 and 6).  These activities can be completed at home or as part of our wider school offer.  Pupils then record their experiences in a portfolio (e.g., memento, photo, reflection). Each term, pupils bring their portfolio to school to be checked by their class teacher. They are then given certain milestone rewards in a termly special assembly.  

Gaining new and varied experiences will build confidence by virtue of establishing interesting areas of conversation to give opportunity to join in with others, or spur children to want to do things again, to ‘go further’ or take up a hobby or interest or even future study or employment!  

View our Key Stage One Cultural Journey booklet here.

View our Lower Key Stage Two Cultural Journey booklet here.

View our Upper Key Stage Two Cultural Journey booklet here.