Birmingham Hippodrome Inspires Primary Pupils

Primary academies from across the Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust experienced an immersive performance about dyslexia from the Birmingham Hippodrome this week. 

Pupils from Shireland Technology Primary, Lightwoods Primary Academy, Wallbrook Primary Academy, Holyhead Primary Academy and Tameside Primary Academy were treated to an inspiring performance by the Birmingham Hippodrome of Aakah Odedra’s “Little Murmurs”, which is a powerful celebration of dance, resilience and the human spirit.  

Based on a true story, “Little Murmurs” tells the unique and heartfelt story of one child’s struggle with dyslexia, showcasing the trials and triumphs faced while confronting personal challenges head on. Frustrated with being defined by their learning difficulties, dance soon becomes a form of expression as they learn to navigate the realities of living in a world filled with obstacles.  

Blending technology, dance and humour, this wonderful performance provided pupils with an incredible experience and understanding of what it is like to live in a world that others struggle to understand and process. It offered them an insight into a reality that many people experience today, proving relatable and very thought-provoking for pupils and staff alike and it prompted discussions with pupils around what success looks like and the many forms it takes. 

Little Murmurs served as a powerful reminder that any challenge can be overcome with determination and creativity. It also showed pupils the transformative power of the creative arts changing lives for the better.  

The experience was certainly a day to remember for pupils, with the reminder that they are all capable of achieving their aspirations, regardless of circumstances.